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Akali Baba Sahib Singh Ji Kaladhari

Jathedar Akali Baba Sahib Singh Ji Kaladhari

Following the heavenly departure of Akali Baba Teja Singh Ji Nihang, there arose a period of uncertainty regarding the succession of the Jathedar of the Budha Dal. Seeking guidance, the Nihang Singhs turned to the revered saint Akali Baba Mitt Singh Ji, who, after deep contemplation, determined that Akali Baba Sahib Singh Ji Nihang should assume the esteemed role. The decision was based on Baba Sahib Singh Ji's commitment to reviving the traditions of Shastar Pooja (weapon worship) and Dussehra. With unwavering acceptance, Baba Sahib Singh Ji embraced the responsibility and took on the mantle of leadership. In accordance with historical customs, the Jathedar of the Budha Dal also held the position of the Jathedar of the Akaal Takht.

The British authorities, fearing the control and influence the Nihang Singhs held over the Sikh faith, sought to undermine their power. This led to the establishment of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC). In an attempt to strip the Nihang Singhs of their authority, members of the SGPC attacked Baba Sahib Singh Ji. Refusing to surrender their weapons, Baba Sahib Singh Ji was imprisoned in 1929. Consequently, the Budha Dal lost control of all Gurdwaras, and the Nihangs were no longer in positions of authority.

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