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Akali Baba Chet Singh Ji

Jathedar Akali Baba Chet Singh Ji

Akali Baba Chet Singh Ji Nihang, born in 1914 to Sardar Gurdit Singh and Pradhan Kaur Sabo, dedicated his life to the service of the Budha Dal. He played a significant role in reviving the traditions of Sarbloh Bibek, which involved eating out of Sarbloh (iron) bowls and maintaining Sarbloh weapons, among other practices. Baba Chet Singh Ji purchased a small plot of land in front of Anandpur Sahib Railway Station from the Sodhi family and renamed it 'Guru Da Bagh' (The Park of the Guru).

In 1968, Baba Chet Singh Ji passed away, and a Gurdwara was established at Damdama Sahib, his birthplace, in his honor. This Gurdwara stands as a testament to his devotion and contributions to the Sikh community.

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